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Location: North Street

A sports and fitness emporium!

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Eden Perfumes

Location: Western Road

We match your favorite perfume! ♥ 100% vegan and not tested on animals! We are the newest organic vegan and non-animal tested perfumes & cosmetics seller in the UK In Eden we use organic & vegan ingredients (jasmine, vanilla, passionfruit, musk, saffron, oud, sandalwood and many more) we then blend them and create fragrances that smell […]

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Eden Perfumes

Location: Gardner Street

Organic vegan perfumes and cosmetics

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Location: Preston Street

Hair and beauty treatments in the heart of Brighton

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Frames in the Lanes Opticians

Location: Meeting House Lane

Brighton’s Boutique Optician

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Gold Irons Tattoo Cub

Location: Preston Street

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Gracie Beau

Location: Preston Street

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Guru Piercing

Location: Kensington Gardens

Guru Body Piercing is a body piercing and jewellery shop in North Laines in Brighton, East Sussex

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Infinity Foods

Location: North Road

Set in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine district, Infinity Foods Shop and Bakery has what is probably the largest selection of organic and natural vegetarian and vegan foods in the South East.

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Jo Malone

Location: East Street

Upmarket retailer of scented products including colognes, bath oils, soaps and candles.

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