Caffe Nero

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a great cup of coffee and a quality snack in a warm, authentic European coffee house atmosphere served in a friendly manner. Nothing less than this is acceptable.

The linchpin of our brand is our coffee. We place great emphasis and expend copious amounts of time and energy on supplying a high quality range of espresso – based coffee. We use a unique Italian blend made up of seven different beans for our house coffee, which is exclusive to Caffe Nero and roasted to our precise specifications.

The final product is a richer, stronger coffee flavour than that served by our rivals. Equal emphasis is placed on the making of great coffee. Every member of our staff has spent weeks training in a classroom and in practical customer service situations, honing their skills in the art of making great espresso.

Address: 84-85 Western Road
Phone: 01273 729270
Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 7am-7:30pm Sat: 7:30am-7:30pm Sun: 8am-7pm
Contact the store directly as times may have changed due to Covid-19