Celebrating Success With Creased

Creased have a wonderful selection of Congratulations card that would be perfect for Exam results.

Exam season has been and gone (thank God).

The kids are now waiting anxiously or maybe have just received their results? August 23rd is results for GCSE’s, August 16th for A-Levels and University Graduation obviously varies… Be prepared to be asking your children about their GCSE results, as to what a “3 in Maths” means. Do any of us really understand?

The kids are all probably 10x more stressed than you are. Worrying or celebrating if their grades can get them the qualifications they need to get into a uni/college/job of their choice.

One way to relieve a little stress is by providing some sort of cash reward for their grades. (Be careful to not bankrupt yourself with this idea). Of which you could place into one of Creased’s cracking congratulations cards… Or simply just by being nice as possible during and leading up to results day (Mollycoddling them a bit).

Creased stock a huge range of funny and unique congratulations cards to suit any recipient.

They have tame and funny cards for GCSE results day that come in a range of different styles or you could go for something a little more risque… not everyone wants to know how good they are all the time. Give them a congratulations card that acknowledges their success but instead of all the soppy stuff, giving them a little ribbing at the same time??

With loads of hilarious cards to choose from, we can guarantee Creased will be the place to go!

You can either pop into their vibrant store which is packed full of unique cards from many different local suppliers. The friendly and helpful team will help you find that perfect card for your recipient.

Or check out their website: https://www.creasedcards.com/.

Creased’s social media is also a must follow, if you like a laugh! @creasedcards


Address: 10 Meeting House Lane
Website: http://www.creasedcards.com/
Phone: 01273 321718
Opening Times: Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 6:30pm Sunday 10am to 5:30pm