Do you want to get involved with this year's Xmas LEGO Minifigures trail?

Do you want to get involved with this year's Xmas LEGO Minifigures trail?


Due to demand, we’re teaming up with Brighton Bricks (who run LEGO socials and workshops) to host another Xmas LEGO Minifigures trail!

As last year was such a success, with hundreds of participants visiting businesses across the Brilliant Brighton area, we are looking forward to running it again! This is open to ALL of our Brilliant Brighton businesses.

All you’ll need to do is hide a LEGO Minifigure in your store window for those on the trail to find. We’ll provide entry forms, social promotion and a phenomenal £1000’s worth of prizes (donated by Resolve Security who provide our Ambassadors).

If you’d like to be involved, simply email: (or would like to know more) asap and we’ll add you to the list.


Register for the free online Brexit Business Readiness Event

Register for the free online Brexit Business Readiness Event


Register for the free online Brexit Business Readiness Event on 16 October to hear from government advisers and receive tailored support to get your business ready for Brexit:


Would you like a mural on your business?

Would you like a mural on your business?


Local artist Amy Kelly-Miller, who created this mural outside of Clarkes art shop in Bond Street in the summer, is now looking for other spaces to paint other murals she’s been contacted to create.

These include:

  • A mural of an orangutan for East Sussex charity International Animal Rescue. This is to raise awareness of the current crisis they are in.
  • A mural of an octopus to promote sustainable energy company Octopus Energy.

“If anyone knows of any business who would be happy to have a mural painted on their building then I would love to hear from them,” Amy says.

If you’d like to discuss this in further detail please contact Amy on:


FREE 1-2-1 Xmas merchandise training for independent BID businesses - limited places

FREE 1-2-1 Xmas merchandise training for independent BID businesses - limited places


BHCC & Brilliant Brighton BID are offering free one-to-one coaching sessions for independent retailers designed to make a difference quickly, so you get results in time for Christmas.
A 2-3 hour tailored mentoring session in your shop will focus on
• marketing
• social media
• visual merchandising
• sales process
• shop front signage
• staffing
• business strategy.
Coaching sessions are followed up with an action plan and summary of findings and a further session will review progress and ensure continued improvements.
If you are an independent retailer located in Brighton or Hove and would like to book on the coaching sessions programme or have questions about how it will benefit you please contact Fran Riseley at Martec International on 07765 257213 or
Please be aware that there are limited places for this complimentary service and will be filled on a first come first served basis.
RadioReverb sponsorship opportunity

RadioReverb sponsorship opportunity


RadioReverb, Brighton’s not for profit radio station has offered sponsorship opportunities for local businesses:

National radio listener figures:

 48,945,000 weekly listeners to radio across the UK for an average of 20.9 hours per week.

65% listen on digital radio (DAB, online or via an app). 27.5% listen on a smartphone.

26% of adults have a smart speaker – 94% of them listen to radio on it. RadioReverb was one of the first radio stations in the UK to develop our own Amazon Alexa skill.

60% of listeners listen at home, 24% in the car.

What does a Show Sponsor get?

 Becoming a sponsor of a RadioReverbs how costs:

 •£65 per show for a weekly show (£240 per month or £2880 per year)

 In turn for sponsorship:

  • Three mentions of their brand per hour during the show, and in its repeats, by our talented broadcasters. Each show repeats at least twice in its weekly or monthly cycle. For example: “You’re listening to The Del Strangefish Show sponsored by The Prince Albert Pub on RadioReverb.” This kind of personal endorsement by a trusted personality is a particularly effective form of marketing.
  • Their logo on our website which receives 6,000 weekly visits.
  • Support on our social media channels and those of their show’s presenter.
  • (Other arrangements, for example interview spots to promote your brand, or listings read out by your presenter, are negotiable).

If you are interested, please call Paul on: 07941006482.

NCP parking - reduced rates!

NCP parking - reduced rates!


Just a reminder that all BID members (and their staff) receive discount at two of the city’s NCP car parks.

The theatre and Russell Road car parks are only £7.80 for all day parking (Mon-Fri) and £8.70 at weekends.

If you would like to receive the new discount code, please email:





As many traders as possible will be automatically allocated an EORI number to enable them to trade smoothly once the UK leaves the EU on 31 October.

Every business will need an EORI number to move goods into or out of the EU after Brexit. HMRC is sending letters to all possible VAT-registered businesses over the next two weeks to advise them of their assigned UK EORI number.

If your business is not VAT-registered, you still need to register for an EORI number. Getting an EORI number is an easy process that only takes 5-10 minutes. Get started here:

25% off for Brighton businesses at Bella Italia & Cafe Rouge

25% off for Brighton businesses at Bella Italia & Cafe Rouge


Bella Italia & Cafe Rouge have launched their business club offer for local corporates – enjoy 25% off the bill when you download a voucher via:

End unpaid trial shifts in Brighton & Hove

End unpaid trial shifts in Brighton & Hove


Brighton & Hove City Council are supporting a local campaign to end the practice of unpaid trial shifts in the city.

‘Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts’ is a grassroots collective started by students in Brighton & Hove. The campaign group say using unpaid trial shifts during the job application process is unacceptable—a view that councillors endorsed unanimously in a notice of motion last year.

An unpaid trial shift is where an employer fails to pay for work which either makes money from a prospective employee or saves money for the employer. The Government issued new guidance as to what constitutes an unpaid trial shift in December 2018.

They have pledged to look at how we can help end the practice of unpaid trial shifts. From 1 August they will be gathering information from businesses and prospective job applicants to understand the scale and nature of the issue:

Why the council is taking action

Cllr Amanda Evans, Brighton & Hove’s Lead Member for Community Wealth Building said: “No-one should be expected to work for free so we want to collaborate with businesses and partners to put an end to unpaid labour that is unacceptable, unethical and unfair.

“The initiative is consistent with our support of the Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign and an extension of our commitment to raise standards, celebrate good employers, retain good candidates and ensure all those working in our city can share in the wealth they are helping to create.”

The No Unpaid campaign group says unpaid trial shifts target young people, take advantage of vulnerable job-seekers and allow businesses (including many high street brands) to avoid paying wages, staff training and tax—and are therefore damaging the UK economy.

Of the people who responded to their recent snapshot survey, many reported unpaid trial shifts in the hospitality sector, but also highlighted major high street retailers, as well as other industries including cleaning and care work.

Tourism supports nearly 22,000 jobs in Brighton & Hove, with more than 1,000 businesses involved bringing over £800 million into the local economy. It equates to 7.5% of the tourism economy of the south east region*. An end to unpaid trial shifts in this sector will enable more people to share in the city’s economic success. Community wealth building is an aim of the city’s economic strategy introduced earlier this year.

*Source: Visitor Economy Strategy and Destination Management Plan 2018-2023


Councillor Evans added: “Our surveys will build on the work of the No Unpaid campaign group by giving us local information that we can use to find practical ways of tackling the issue.”

Targeted communication with students and young people will start in September to encourage them to fill in the applicants survey.

Closing date for our survey is 31 October 2019.

No unpaid campaign

Campaign co-founder Frank Chamberlain said: “The work of young people is demeaned by the concept that we should be asked to work for free. Too many young people, competing in a saturated job market, feel like they have no choice but to undertake unpaid trial shifts, with no guarantee of a job at the end of it. On some occasions, it has become apparent that employers had no intention of offering a job at all.

“Given so many people, young people and otherwise, rely on a secure income, this practice is both unethical and exploitative. We hear horror stories of nine hour shifts and ridiculous anecdotes of compensation being given in the form of bread, beer and even spices. Even short unpaid trial shifts are time-consuming, and force vulnerable jobseekers into working for free. This is not acceptable in today’s society.”

Frank added: “We want ethical employers to help us raise awareness of this unacceptable practice by pledging not to undertake unpaid trial shifts. To date, more than 100 businesses have done so.”

Mark Turner from the GMB trade union said: “This is a very important campaign and the GMB is pleased to be part of it. This arrangement of unpaid trial shifts needs to be totally eradicated because it particularly disadvantages young people within society. We welcome that the council has signed up to this along with the city’s three MPs and we as a union will continue to campaign at a local and national level.”

Unpaid trial shifts can be reported to HMRC who investigate claims on a case by case basis. No Unpaid has simplified this process by providing an easy-to-use complaint letter-generator on its website. ACAS also provide free, confidential help and advice for workers.

BA faces £183m GDPR fine - don't be the next!

BA faces £183m GDPR fine - don't be the next!


British Airways is facing a record breaking £183 million fine for their GDPR security breach last year.

The fine comes in the same week that Marriott are to be fined nearly £100m after 339 million guests personal data was stolen by hackers. We don’t want you to be next!

Protecting personal data is now a legal requirement of all businesses in any sector – whether you process data online or in person. It is vital that all staff understand the laws and how to act within them. Understanding GDPR can be confusing, with conflicting advice on what the regulations mean.

Learning Curve Group offer an accredited qualification in Understanding Data Protection and Data Security – which is essential for all staff who process or handle data. 

The course will give learners an understanding of the laws and regulations, and tips on keeping data secure. The course covers:


  • Current data protection legislation, and how it is applied
  • Organisational procedures concerning data
  • Possible threats to ICT systems and data, and how to protect against them
  • Consequences of not protecting data, and the impact of possible breaches

Even better – the course is offered at no-cost as it’s funded through the government adult education budget. To enrol, please contact a member of our team or fill out either of the below booking forms and we’ll be in touch. 

Be seen on TV, online & in print with Latest

Be seen on TV, online & in print with Latest


Latest Brighton are delighted to offer members this amazing cross-platform marketing opportunity

A professional  video ad shown on Latest TV up to 8 times EVERY day, ads in the city’s favourite mag Latest Brighton, website video and banner ads & social media support –  plus FREE use of your ad where you choose!

The benefits to your brand:
Latest TV reaches 400k homes in & around Brighton with a regular viewership of 120k per month. Our presence on Brighton Palace Pier gives visibility to their 4.6million visitors. Social media reaching over 75K followers of the Latest brand, a website that reaches over 45K unique visitors and a city mag with 70K weekly readers!

All this for a special rate package at £150 +VAT per month

To find out more about this exceptional offer contact Tracey Davison on 01273 687171 or email:

Great deals for advertising with Latest TV

Great deals for advertising with Latest TV



Catch the Wave - low cost business workshops

Catch the Wave - low cost business workshops


Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce are providing low cost workshops aimed at pre-start businesses, start-ups, social enterprises and businesses who want to win contracts. The workshops include a free one hour follow up mentoring session with a business expert and an opportunity to learn how to build a free website.

The first couple of events are online and you can read about the programme here.

Please see the Catch The Wave PDF below too.

Catch The Wave Digital Brochure

Free business safecheck

Free business safecheck


Many businesses are finding it ever more difficult and time consuming to deal with the ever increasing burden of managing Employment Law and Health & Safety.

The provision of contracts of employment and terms & conditions is still something that many small businesses are failing to issue or keep updated which is leaving them exposed to staffing issues.

The amount of time that can be wasted dealing the lateness/absenteeism, holiday entitlements, performance/attitude of staff as well as disciplinary and dismissal procedures, can take the focus of businesses from running their respective businesses.

Meet Peninsula Business Services Ltd who provide free safechecks for Employment Law and Health & Safety.

The Good Work Plan is due to come in force early next year where it will be a legal requirement to have the contractual statement of main terms issued on day 1 of employment with all relevant policies and procedures.

Peninsula’s service in brief will provide you with the following –

Employment Law/HR & Health & Safety

 •  Contracts of Employment

•  Employee Handbooks

•  24/7 HR Advice

•  Tribunal Representation

•  Tribunal Awards Indemnity

•  HR Training Health & Safety

•  H&S Policy/Risk Assessments

•  Site Inspections

•  24/7 H&S Advice

•  Accident Investigation

•  Legal Representation

•  H&S Training

•  FFI Cover

As an introduction to this support, Peninsula will offer you a meeting with local consultant, Rory Zaleski at no cost, to assess the compliance within your organisation.

If you would like to take up this free business safecheck offer please email: He will then then be able run through at your convenience where you are with your documentation.

Update your directory listing

Update your directory listing


Every Brilliant Brighton business has their own listing on the website, with links to their website (where applicable), as well as store opening times/ contact info.

You can view yours by entering your business name in the search bar:

For small changes (i.e changes to opening hours/ websites/ update text) please feel free to email them to:

For bigger amends (for example, if you’d like to re-write your listing and include a new image), you can do this online:

Of course, if you have any queries, please email:

National Living and Minimum Wage

National Living and Minimum Wage


Thirty per cent of people wrongly believe that only workers in permanent roles are entitled to the National Living Wage/ Minimum Wage, a poll has revealed.

The study of 2001 people, conducted by Kantar for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy also found women (12%) were twice as likely as men (5%) to not query pay with their employer.

In the wake of new legislation introduced on April 8th which meant all workers are entitled to a payslip, and following the National Living Wage/ Minimum Wage increase, Government is calling on all workers to check their payslip to make sure they are being paid the right amount.

John Palmer, Senior Advisor at Acas, said: “Workers should check their payslips to ensure they are getting paid at the new national minimum or living wage rates. 

“Employers are breaking the law if they don’t pay the national minimum or living wage and businesses face a maximum fine of £20,000 per worker for not paying.”

Check the guidance here –
We've moved!

We've moved!


We’ve now moved to Brighton Town Hall – so please address any correspondence to Brighton Business Improvement District, Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton BN1 1JA.

Make Change Count - Updated Information

Make Change Count - Updated Information


Brighton & Hove City Council (working in partnership with eight local charities), have created a good practice guide for
businesses to help homeless people in Brighton & Hove and to help put an end to rough sleeping by 2020 through #MakeChangeCount.

They’ve recently been in touch to let us know that their JustGiving text number has been updated, so from now on, if you’d like to make a donation, please text 19UMCC 3,5,10 or 20 to 70085 (for a £3,£5,£10 or £20 donation).

The brochure includes:

– How to contact StreetLink to let them know about someone sleeping out.

– advice on reporting anti social behaviour and crime.

– Further details on how they work in partnership with other organisations.

Read the guide here: 6613 MCC for Business brochure 2019 proof

The Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign has reached 500 sign ups!

The Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign has reached 500 sign ups!


Every week more and more employers in Brighton are making the commitment to pay their teams the real Living Wage or more. The rate currently stands at £9 per hour*. If you can join them, signing up is free and only takes a minute – just head over to

The campaign, now in its eighth year, has recently crossed the 500 milestone! Signed up Living Wage employers can join in with a celebration coffee morning on Wednesday 8 May at BrewDog Brighton. RSVP here (there will be cake!).

44 retailers are currently signed up to the campaign, including Brighton BID members Oliver Bonas, Infinity Foods, Jump the Gun, Silverado, Gresham Blake, Creased Cards, Brighton Silver and Barney’s Delicatessen.

“We support the Living Wage Campaign because we value the contribution our staff make and believe everyone should be paid a fair wage.” – Michaela Myers, Barney’s Deli, who recently joined the campaign.

The Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign is led by Brighton Chamber and supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and Unison.

*Interns, apprentices and under 18s are exempt

'Sleep Safe campaign launched to help young people at risk of homelessness

'Sleep Safe campaign launched to help young people at risk of homelessness


Local homeless charity Sussex Nightstop are marking their 10-year anniversary by launching their ‘Sleep Safe’ campaign. The campaign will raise awareness of the many young people in Sussex at risk of homelessness, often as young as 16 years old.

With rates of homelessness on the increase, young people are particularly vulnerable to becoming homeless, especially when family breakdown is involved. Research points to as many as one in five young people finding themselves in the unpredictable and risky situation of sofa-surfing and of these, roughly half will have sofa-surfed for more than a month. Government data for 2017 illustrates Brighton had the second highest level of recorded rough sleepers in the country after Westminster. At 178 individuals, this represents a 24% increase on the previous year. Six percent of these people were under 26 years old.

Sleeping rough and other temporary living arrangements have a considerable and chronic negative effect. More than half of young people involved in 2017 research by homelessness charity De Paul UK said that not having a stable place to live had damaged their mental or emotional health, and the majority said that their physical wellbeing had suffered. Nearly half said that temporary living had had a negative impact on their relationships and more than four in 10 said it had damaged their education or their ability to find or keep work.

However, Sussex Nightstop provides a safety net for these young people, preventing them from becoming homeless. The charity matches vulnerable young people (aged 16-25) with volunteer hosts who put them up in their spare room, on a night-by-night basis. This gives the young person a safe space to resolve their housing problems, so they don’t risk spiralling into long-term homelessness or the dangers of rough sleeping.

The ‘Sleep Safe’ campaign is urging people to help alleviate this often-hidden problem of youth homelessness by supporting Sussex Nightstop’s work. The ‘Sleep Safe’ campaign will also raise £10,000 towards developing and delivering our services to young people including the recruitment and training of more volunteer hosts.

Sussex Nightstop are calling on commercial organisations and the Sussex community to get behind their fundraising campaign and help them in their ambition to have a safe bed available on every night of the week.

The work Sussex Nightstop does with vulnerable young people has already had very tangible results during their 10 years of operation:

* Since the project began, they have received 750 referrals of young people and matched 3000 bed nights to 345 young people.

* 45% of young people accessing Nightstop are in work or learning.

* 90% of young people using the Sussex Nightstop service go on to secure safer, more suitable housing.

Sussex Nightstop Executive Director Alison Marino said: “I am delighted to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. The achievements accomplished through the efforts of our local volunteers and the Sussex Nightstop team cannot be underestimated.

“However, there is more work for us to do. We see first-hand the increasing and deepening challenges that young people face with regard to securing a safe and stable place to live. We need to continue to be there for them. We have tasked ourselves in providing a service that supports a range of different needs and we want to develop our volunteer host pool, both in numbers and skills. All of this will enable us to reach more people and move towards our goal of offering a safe bed night every night.

“The Sleep Safe campaign– the messages it spreads and the funds it raises – will help us towards our goal. People have real concern for this issue and on behalf of Sussex Nightstop I offer encouragement and thanks for supporting our campaign.”

A young person who has used Sussex Nightstop’s service said: “Thanks to you guys I achieved the impossible, I’m now living in Central Brighton. You gave me the strength to fight. Thank you so much for giving me a unique look into your family and home.”

One of Sussex Nightstop’s volunteer hosts, Liz, said: “Most of us are concerned about the growing plight of young people who cannot rely on having somewhere to sleep every night. Being able to offer them a warm welcome, a hot meal, and a bed so that they feel safe is such a rewarding yet easy thing to do. As hosts we’ve seen ourselves the positive difference Sussex Nightstop makes to the young people who have stayed with us. We hope the Sleep Safe campaign will help Nightstop to continue to be there for young people when they need it most.”

People who want to support Sussex Nightstop’s work can do this by donating to the ‘Sleep Safe’ campaign, by becoming a volunteer host, fundraising for us or by simply spreading the word about youth homelessness.

If you think you can help Sussex Nightstop raise £10,000 in their tenth-year visit:

Free advertising for independent Brighton businesses

Free advertising for independent Brighton businesses

26/02/2019 has been launched to support independent businesses. We offer free advertising for participating businesses, in return for a discount or promotion to our paid members. This could be a time based offer to increase footfall in quiet periods, a multi-buy offer or a simple discount.  The offer is entirely at your discretion.

Each business will have a dedicated page on our website and we will support them via social media and email campaigns.  The team are very approachable and happy to assist, so please get in touch to discuss via email, call Steve on 07535 704165, or register via our website

15% off for BID Businesses at Creased

15% off for BID Businesses at Creased


‘Neighbours, everybody loves good neighbours’ as the song goes. Here at Creased, we love our neighbours, so we are offering all BID traders a fantastic 15% off everything in store. Just let us know that you are part of the BID / Brilliant Brighton when at the till to get the discount.

Creased is Brighton’s most original and quirky card shop located in The Lanes shopping area in Brighton. Creased stocks a wide range of unusual and unique cards and gifts, unlike anything else in the area – ensuring you can always find something for that special person.

Paul & his team scour the land to find the best contemporary, quality products and present them in a superb, welcoming retail environment – meaning you get the best greeting card and gift buying experience around. You will find stylish greetings cards suitable for all occasions including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new home, and new baby They also have a wonderful array of humour cards (some very ‘adult’!), which are suitable for any occasion.

Find Creased at 10 Meeting House Lane.

Opening Hours – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9am-6.30pm Thursday & Friday 9am-7pm Saturday 9 am – 6.30pm & Sunday 10am – 5.30 pm

Problems filling your vacancies? Need help finding the right person? Want to reduce your recruitment costs?

Problems filling your vacancies? Need help finding the right person? Want to reduce your recruitment costs?


Pavilions Employment Support Service is entirely free to use. We work with you to understand the needs of your business so that we can find the right people for your vacancies.

We are about building relationships and are committed to helping you recruit, train and retain quality staff.

Through Job Matching we find candidates who want to work and have the skills that you need, so you can hire quality staff with no recruitment costs.

Work placements and trials give you the opportunity to “try before you hire” to ensure it’s the right fit for you and the candidate.

We provide in work support for the first four months of employment for you and your new employee helping you to train and retain staff.

Our team is available to provide staff training, sharing skills and experience to help improve wellbeing and retention.


We work with people living in Brighton & Hove, helping you to hire local people so you can make a real difference in the community where you do business.

View the full PDF here: IPS for employers V9 12.09.18.

Contact: Rob Robinson:


t: 01273 731900

m: 07912254286


Visit Brighton: What's On in 2019

Visit Brighton: What's On in 2019


Visit Brighton have released their events guide detailing all those big planned (so far) in the city for 2019.

Whether it’s Pride, Brighton Marathon or Brighton Festival, there’s plenty of scope to run offers/ events around them. Please don’t forget to keep us in the loop with your plans to promote:

2019 Brighton Media Briefing – Major Events Exhibitions and Festivals

Announcing the Brighton and Hove Tourism Alliance #Brighton is... campaign

Announcing the Brighton and Hove Tourism Alliance #Brighton is... campaign


#Brighton is… is a publicity/awareness campaign that will initially begin with social media ‘conversation’ on Twitter and is aimed at engaging a wide range people, individuals, businesses, and organisations across all sectors in discussion about the city and revealing what their Brighton is. The objective of the campaign is to present a diverse range of experiences that will encourage visitors to come and ”discover their Brighton”

This campaign can be used by all businesses for their own marketing objectives for example #Brighton is… playing the Dolphin Derby at Brighton Palace Pier! #Brighton is… having afternoon tea at the Grand Hotel! #Brighton is… learning close up and personal about marine life at Sealife!

Or the more personal tweets: #Brighton is… a fickle love/hate relationship with seagulls! #Brighton is… the dilemma of preserving nearly dead phone battery vs photo of an incredible sunset!

Get involved by Tweeting #Brighton is… and #DiscoverYourBrighton
Feel free to tag us (@brilliantbrighton) and @TourismBandH to share!

Please don't give out the BID Ambassadors' Phone Number

Please don't give out the BID Ambassadors' Phone Number


After a few calls from members of the public, outside of the BID area, to our Ambassadors (who’ve been told their number has been given out by a business), we just wanted to remind businesses to keep this number private/ just shared amongst your team.

This is so that the Ambassadors can respond quicker to BID-area related incidents and not be needed off-patch. Of course, if the Ambassadors are needed in your locality, feel free to call them directly to assist.

If you require the Ambassadors number or would like stickers for your staff room/ to put on your landline, just email:

Preferential currency rates for BID Members & their staff

Preferential currency rates for BID Members & their staff


NO.1 Currency are offering Brighton BID members and staff access to their Priority rates in their Brighton shop.

To claim: visit the Ship Street shop, show work I.D and their staff will give you a better rate.

You can also click and collect via this link:

Businesses invited to become Pride's City Angels

Businesses invited to become Pride's City Angels


Brighton & Hove Pride is the city’s largest single event and provides an amazing opportunity for all businesses to come together and show their commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as their support for the multiple community groups and charities we have.

To promote a closer working partnership with local retailers and city businesses and help promote the tourist and retail economy during Pride month and throughout the year, Pride are launching a City Angels campaign.

Supported by Brilliant Brighton, City Angels will receive a window sticker to display all year around and an official  branded City Angels flag during Pride month as an official supporting business.  City Angels will also be promoted across press ads, a city supporters map, listing on the Pride website and programme  as well as  Pride’s extensive media reach of 104k likes on facebook, 36k on twitter and 1.1m unique website visitors all promoting  Pride visitors to genuine, supporting businesses.

Pride brought in over £20.5 million into the City’s economy over the Pride weekend 2018 and  our annual survey has shown the majority of visitors are more likely to support a business or venues that is an official supporter of Pride and who are proud to celebrate the diversity of their City.

City Angels will also demonstrate their support for “Pride in our City”  throughout the year with all fundraising income will support Pride’s Social Impact Fund benefiting local voluntary sector groups and charities as well an allocation to extra resources for city-wide cleansing and other important city-wide resources over the Pride weekend.

 If you are interested in getting involved please email us at


Free Business Advice Sessions for Brighton Businesses

Free Business Advice Sessions for Brighton Businesses


Local charity the Crowborough Foundation is now working with Brighton businesses to offer free advice.

With 1-2-1 meetings, meet ups and social meetings for larger group, the Foundation offers plenty of opportunities to connect with other business owners from across the city.

Anybody can participate in the different types of meeting even if they do not have a business of their own.

“It is exciting to be working in Brighton for the first time, Selina Robinson, Director of the Foundation, says. “It is such a vibrant city and we look forward to linking business and charity through our free to attend meetings.”

Crowborough Foundation can be contacted FREE by calling 0800 6124405 or mobile 07796 305472. E mail or via their website

Become a VisitBrighton Partner

Become a VisitBrighton Partner


VisitBrighton are offering BID businesses 20% of partnership fees.

The fee for shops = £200 plus VAT

The fee for cafes, pubs and bars  = £240 plus VAT

For restaurants, the fee is £288 plus VAT

Benefits of becoming a VisitBrighton partner include online promotion (their website received over 2 million visits in 2017, while their social media following is over 90,000), plus offline promotion (maps, partnership window sticker and networking).

Find out more here:

Utilise Plus Funding and more

Utilise Plus Funding and more


Utilise Plus helps eligible small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) save energy, reducing their costs and Greenhouse Gas emissions in the process. We are very proud to say that since starting the programme in late 2017, we have already helped SMEs make an estimated combined annual saving of 125 tonnes of CO2e by reducing their individual annual energy usage, on average, by 27%. We have achieved this by offering a variety of complimentary services, including:

  • Grant funding of between £1,000 to £5,000 to cover one-third of the cost of an energy saving project.
  • Energy Audits, fully-funded by the ERDF, to identify energy and cost saving opportunities that SMEs can then act upon.
  • Energy Saving Workshops, outlining the business case for saving energy and helping participants create their own, unique ‘Action Plans’ to tackle energy use in their organisations.
  • Business Networking Breakfasts, featuring Expert Speakers on a particular aspect of sustainability and connecting like-minded SMEs.
  • Sustainability Tours of interesting organisations that have implemented significant energy saving measures, to inspire attendees to do the same in their own organisations.

For further information please see: and contact 01273 964239 –


Can you help the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service?

Can you help the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service?


The East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) is proud and committed to being part of the local community… can you help us, to ensure that the ‘Brighton Tribe’ continues to have a good time?

What are they after? Quite simply – all manner of vouchers, discount codes and prizes from you.

Why do they need them? Simply, to incentivise and reward people who sign-up and are selected to take part in a fun and rewarding research trial to reduce the number of fires in the home – also known as Accidental Dwelling Fires (ADF) -in the local area.

As partners in this way, ESFRS would demonstrate a strong sense of unity in the local community, helping people continue the good times, safely… and they hope you will join them that aim.

What’s in it for you?  ESFRS will promote and advertise your business for free to over 12,000 people via their online marketing campaign materials!

For more information, please contact

Request a jet wash

Request a jet wash


Here at the BID, we’re working hard to get the council to clean the streets. As well as having continual discussions with the City Clean team, our CEO, Gavin Stewart, was recently interviewed by BBC Sussex about why more needs to be done to clean the city’s streets.

We just wanted to make you aware that businesses and residents can request street jet washing from the council here: We are continuing to report any requests that come in from businesses, plus any spots we see, but it would be helpful if our BID members would request jet washes too.

We hope that the more this service is used, the more important it is deemed to be – and hopefully more funding will be in place to keep our streets looking spotless, not only for the 11 million visitors, but also for residents and businesses too.

Gaydio Sponsorship Opportunity

Gaydio Sponsorship Opportunity


Gaydio is  the only UK radio station specifically aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.  It is available in a number of cities and reaches over half a million listeners per week broadcasting to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, London, Brighton and Portsmouth, making it the largest LGBT media outlet in the country.

In September, Gaydio launches a dedicated FM service for Brighton & Hove (Gaydio has been on DAB in Brighton for 5 years), based in the city.

Gaydio Brighton will be run independently of the existing  channels across the country, whilst also benefitting from the support and resources of the national service.

The organisation will be run by local people, allowing it to be more accountable and better connect to the needs of the community.

Broadcasting on both FM and DAB Digital Radio, Gaydio Brighton will share the best programming from the national service alongside a range of locally produced shows, content and opportunities for local businesses.

Gaydio is a Community interest Company that delivers training programs and opportunities to both the vulnerable and LGBT community across the country and will continue this with Gaydio Brighton.

This is a fantastic opportunity to not only be involved in a brand new FM radio station specifically for Brighton & Hove but to also engage with a premier brand with a cash rich audience!

With all of our campaigns we are  able to provide full post campaign analysis on all digital campaigns along with OTH (opportunities to hear)  and reach (how many people your advert will reach)  for on air campaigns providing you with the best possible ROI!

Gaydio Foundation Partner:

The foundation partnership gives a unique opportunity to be involved in something that is not only exciting and Brighton centric but that also connects you with a new cash rich market whilst giving back to the local community!

A Commercial Foundation Partner Package that includes advertising spots across the Brighton station for 6 months:

Foundation Partner Level 1: 


  • Gaydio Brighton Foundation Partner Status
  • On Air live read credits as a Foundation Supporter
  • 1000 MPU spots per month (Brighton targeted)
  • Foundation Partner Page on website (text, logo, images)
  • Volunteer opportunities for staff to get involved at the station
  • Invitation to the launch party
  • 6 months airtime campaign, consisting of 650 x 30 second commercials plus 2 x 30 second commercial production (this can be switched for digital campaigns or a combination of the two, you can use your advertising at any point over a 12 month period from September 2018-August 2019)

Investment: £5,000 plus vat

View the Gaydio Brighton Media Pack .

To find out more this opportunity, contact Rachel on: 07769 653 097 or email: 


Independent Retailers in South East Optimistic About The Future of the British High Street

Independent Retailers in South East Optimistic About The Future of the British High Street


More than half (54.3%) of the South East’s independent high street retailers are optimistic about the future of their local high street – and eight in ten shoppers would miss their local high street if it was no longer there.
This is according to new research commissioned to launch the Government-run Great British High Street Awards 2018, sponsored by Visa. The research reveals that despite recent negative economic forecasts and high-profile retail chain closures:
  • More than four in ten (43.4%) independent South East retailers describe themselves as ‘optimistic’ about the future of their local high street and one in ten (10.9%) are ‘very optimistic’ about the future of their local high streets;
  • More than half (55%) say they predict more bars, restaurants and coffee shops will appear on their high street over the next five years.
Communities Secretary Rt Hon. James Brokenshire MP said at today’s launch: “The Great British High Street Awards acknowledge in a very important way how high streets are so vital to our nation. High streets are crucial in creating jobs, nurturing small businesses and driving local and regional economies. We want to celebrate the best examples of high streets, as well as those individual businessmen and women playing a leading role.
“The Government is doing everything in our power to ensure high streets continue to thrive.”
Suzan Kereere, Head of Merchant Services, Europe, Visa, added: “Visa is very proud to be supporting the Great British High Street Awards at a time when the nation’s high streets are transforming as both technology and consumer behaviour evolve, with consumers looking for a range of different experiences on their high streets. Businesses and communities have shown themselves to be highly adaptable, resilient and creative in meeting these demands.
“Visa is committed to finding innovative ways to support merchants and consumers and helping communities and economies to thrive. High street merchants help to establish and preserve bonds within communities that are as valuable as the economic benefits they generate.”
The findings also show that almost two thirds (65.1%) of South East retailers say being part of a local community and building relationships with customers are what they enjoy most about running their business, with almost one in four (37.3%) saying their high street is ‘improving’ or ‘vastly improving.’
But the view from shoppers in the South East is less positive, with more than seven in ten (72.5%) describing their high street as ‘staying the same’ or ‘getting worse’ and 21.6% claiming there aren’t enough shops and services on it to meet their needs.
And 63% say they feel ‘neutral’ or ‘not very optimistic’ about the future of their high street – despite more than 70% of South East consumers visiting their local high street at least once a week.
However, more than eight in ten (83.5%) people across the South East would miss their local high street if it no longer existed – and more than three quarters (78.8%) believe it is the people they meet there, in terms of both shoppers and retailers, that make it what it is.
Asked what would encourage consumers to visit their high street more and over half (54.2%) said more shops, almost four in ten (38.5%) said a better variety of shops and services and a similar number (37.4%) said better parking or public transport facilities.
Across the UK, the Great British High Street Awards 2018 research also reveals:
  • More than half (53%) of the nation’s independent high street retailers are optimistic about the future of their local high street;
  • Almost eight in ten (78%) independent high street retailers say building relationships with customers and being a part of a community is what they love the most about running their high street business;
  • Independent retailers are more likely to consider the presence of national chains as a POSITIVE factor, with around half (49.3%) saying it attracts shoppers to the area, compared to just a quarter (26%) who claim they lose business to larger retailers offering cheaper products and services;
  • A fifth of shoppers (21.3%) claim there aren’t enough shops and services to suit their needs and nearly two thirds (63%) say they feel ‘neutral’ or ‘not very optimistic’ about the future of their local high street
  • But, 81% of people across the UK would miss their local high street if it no longer existed;
  • Wales is the place most likely to see a big rise in high street coffee shops over the next five years, according to local independent traders, while Scotland will most likely see high street shops converted into housing or office space over the same period.
The Great British High Street Awards 2018, which are being run by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, sponsored by Visa and backed by other partners, is recognising and celebrating local achievements on our high streets and supporting the communities in which we live and work.
The initiative also includes a competition to find the nation’s best high streets, with winners being named in England, Scotland, Wales and – for the first time – Northern Ireland, across two categories: the Champion and Rising Star awards. An overall winner will also be named.
It was announced at today’s launch that author and TV presenter Simon Reeve will be a judge for the Great British High Street Awards 2018.
Mr Reeve said: “I’ve spent the last 16 years travelling around the world and investigating what is happening in other countries, so I’m really looking forward to being a bit closer to home and meeting the unsung heroes helping the nation’s high streets to thrive.”
In 2016, Blackburn in Lancashire was crowned the Great British High Street winner thanks to the determination of the community and local businesses who worked in partnership to drive improvements and overcome the challenges their high street was facing.
This year, winners of the Champion award, celebrating the UK’s best high streets, will be named in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with an overall national winner also selected. Four Rising Star High Streets – high streets that are taking the lead and working to adapt and diversify – will also be named. Shortlisted entries will be announced in September 2018. 
For more information about the Great British High Street Awards 2018 and to enter, visit:
Council's good practice guide for businesses re rough sleeping and begging

Council's good practice guide for businesses re rough sleeping and begging


MCC for business brochure fina

Brighton & Hove City Council have launched their good practice guide for how businesses can help rough sleepers and beggars.

Please view this here.

Brighton Mainline Alliance

Brighton Mainline Alliance


Brilliant Brighton is delighted to be a member of the Brighton Mainline Alliance which is campaigning for strategic investment in our rail network.  Our region’s economy desperately needs reliable rail links and the Alliance strongly supports the Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme which will allow more trains to run to and from London, Gatwick Airport and Brighton, and across the rest of the South Coast. We urge you to join the Alliance as members in your own right and add your voice to the call for Government to commit to funding.

Send your logo to confirm your support.

Free 1-2-1 Marketing Advice from the BID's Media Officer

Free 1-2-1 Marketing Advice from the BID's Media Officer


Our media officer Shelley is now offering complimentary 1-2-1 marketing sessions tailored to your needs. So if you’re not sure which social media site/s you should be posting on and when, or want to know how to get your business featured in magazines and the media, or perhaps just want a friendly chat about how best to market your business this year, just get in touch!

Shelley can be contacted on:

Are you a Carer Friendly company? Carers Hub can provide you with FREE resources to help your organisation become more carer friendly

Are you a Carer Friendly company? Carers Hub can provide you with FREE resources to help your organisation become more carer friendly


Did you know that 1 in 9 employees in Brighton and Hove are unpaid carers? Working carers combine looking after a loved one at home with paid work. Many struggle to balance being productive at work with their caring responsibilities, often not feeling they can approach their employer, sometimes having to give up their jobs due to lack of understanding and flexibility.

A carer provides unpaid support to a partner, child, relative or friend who couldn’t manage to live independently or whose health or wellbeing would deteriorate without this help. This could be due to frailty, disability or serious health condition, mental ill health, or substance misuse.

Whether in the office, boardroom, or shop floor – each working carer has statutory rights, such as time off in emergencies and requesting flexible working. Many companies also offer contractual rights as part of their Carer’s policy, such as added flexibility, or encouraging staff networks for peer support.

A supportive company that recognises their working carers is more likely to keep hold of valued staff, have lower absence rates, and have improved staff productivity. Businesses have a vested interest in supporting their working carers; loss of staff and skills have a huge financial impact, costing the economy over £1.3 billion per year (Carers UK).

“We have over 24,000 people in an unpaid caring role in the City, with 20% providing over 50 hours of care per week. The highest proportion of carers are between the age of 50 and 64 years old, traditionally of working age. Nationally it is estimated that 2.3 million adults give up their jobs at some point in order to care. It is essential that we support and value these individuals by providing targeted services, alongside having a culture of identification & recognition, ensuring they can provide care, and work if they wish to. Think Carer is everybody’s business, please support us to make Brighton and Hove a Carer Friendly City.” Commissioning Manager for Carers (BHCC), Gemma Scambler.

Employers for Carers (EFC), part of the national charity Carers UK, have created some fantastic resources to help both companies and working carers including e-learning, employment guides, contract templates, toolkits and online and local support and information for carers around balancing work with caring.

Brighton and Hove City Council along with the Carers Hub – the one place for information and support for local carers – are asking SMEs to sign up to these EFC resources for FREE.

Chris Lau, local Carers Centre Director confirms “with some simple steps you can pledge to become more carer friendly…display a Carers Hub poster in your staff room, share supportive resources with your staff and encourage a dialogue about caring in your workplace.”

Find out more and join a growing number of local companies pledging to support their staff carers.

Contact Charly Snell at the Carers Hub.


Utilise Plus Programme

Utilise Plus Programme


The Utilise Plus programme offers grants for energy efficiency projects and a range of fully-funded business support services: energy audits, energy health checks, events and workshops (

The programme supports eligible small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout England. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), supported by the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership, and delivered by the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC.

Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 to cover up to one-third of the cost of best practice energy efficiency projects.
Find out more.


Analysis of energy consumption, which can include a robust audit of the premises. This identifies measures to reduce energy use, costs and carbon emissions.
Find out more.

These half-day, practical sessions explore both quick-win and longer term energy efficiency measures.
Find out more.

A varied events programme across the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership region focused on building energy efficiency awareness, knowledge and networking with like-minded organisations. Find out more.

Case Study visits offer an insight into organisations that have implemented energy efficiency measures, from basic to best practice, to share their successes and issues.

Business Breakfasts allow for knowledge-building and networking with expert speakers and real life case studies.

Please contact us on or 01273 964239 to discuss the programme and how your organisation could benefit.

Run Hide Tell  - Counter Terrorism Police Safety Information

Run Hide Tell - Counter Terrorism Police Safety Information


At the moment, the issue of terrorist attacks is regularly in the news. But it’s been on our agenda for much longer.
The police and security service have been working constantly to foil terrorist attacks for years, not months.
But we are not complacent about keeping you safe. Due to events in the UK and abroad, people are
understandably concerned about a firearms or weapons attack. These attacks are very rare but in the event of
such an attack, it helps to be prepared.
Remember, attacks of this nature are still very rare in the UK.
So stay safe, and just remember the words: RUN. HIDE. TELL.
To watch the film, visit
Information is vital. If you see or hear something that could be terrorist related, trust your instincts and call the confidential Anti-Terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.
Our specially trained officers will take it from there.
Your call could save lives. Always in an emergency, call 999.
Would you like to promote your business to University of Sussex students?

Would you like to promote your business to University of Sussex students?


The University of Sussex is a Top 20 University in the UK, we have a 17,000 students attending our campus on the edge of the beautiful South Downs, including a large International group of students.  If you would like to reach out to our students and let them know about your business, we are looking for local Brighton and Sussex businesses to run offers specific to NUS extra card holders (National Union of Students discount card).   There are many brands already doing this on a national and international level, however, we are really keen for our students to be able to benefit from local offers in and around Brighton, where they already live, shop, eat and socialize.

 If you are interested in running an offer, can you please get in touch with Anndrea O’Toole, to discuss in more detail.

 To find out more about the card, please see: 


Attract NHS Staff To Your Business

Attract NHS Staff To Your Business


NHS Staff represent a loyal customer market of over a million customers.
However, over the last decade NHS Staff have had a 12% pay cut in real terms. This means that they are particularly looking to use businesses that can offer them a good deal.
You can register today with Health Staff Discounts and they will promote your business to NHS Staff. Over 35,000 business have registered on Health Staff Discounts already.
The basic service is free and you can register an offer here >


Counter-Terrorism Advice

Counter-Terrorism Advice


The government have created a detailed PDF on crowded places safety guidance for a range of sectors. The guide is intended to give protective security advice at those places where there may be a risk of a terrorist attack by the very nature that they are crowded places. Night-time economy advice can be found from page 6, cinemas and theatres from page 8, retail from page 13, hotels and restaurants from page 21 and visitor attractions from page 25. View the PDF here

The police have also created an information film providing advice on how to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack. The four minute film, Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack, sets out three key steps for keeping safe. This can be viewed here.

First Ride Free With UBER

First Ride Free With UBER


We’re really pleased to have negotiated a great deal for you AND your customers with UBER!

Simply enter code BID2017 when you sign up for the app and enjoy up to £15 free travel – on your first visit – with UBER.

Brighton City Council Can Help With Trade Waste & Recycling!

Brighton City Council Can Help With Trade Waste & Recycling!


The council are offering a flexible service to suit your business’ needs at a competitive price (with no hidden costs).

To request a site visit and get a free no obligation quote visit or email call 01273 290798.


A new transport initiative has launched for Brighton based businesses

A new transport initiative has launched for Brighton based businesses

easitBRIGHTON&HOVE is a social enterprise designed to encourage staff to chose sustainable methods of transport for their daily commute.  Company membership starts from as little as £150 per annum and provides staff access to a range of transport discounts including a 15% rail discount on Southern services (including peak time travel and annual season tickets), 10% discount on selected Brighton&Hove bus routes with Metrobus, Compass & Stagecoach, car clubs as well as savings on bike purchases, cycling accessories & servicing and an amazing £11k saving on the new, extended range Nissan Leaf Acenta electric car!


easitNETWORK has won a number of Green awards over the past 10 years, including The Queens Award for Enterprise and Green Apple Environment Award.  For more information please visit or call Kip Parker on 0771 333 0280 or email

Open To Export Site Launched

Open To Export Site Launched


Open to Export is the online community, backed by Government and business, to help UK businesses get started selling overseas.  It provides extensive and valuable information on how to prepare for and execute exporting globally along with a chat forum facility for peer-to-peer discussion.  Public and Private sector stakeholders and content contributors offer their knowledge and guidance free-of-charge to encourage SME`s to start exporting.

Great discounts on TV advertising with LatestTV

Great discounts on TV advertising with LatestTV


Brighton BID has negotiated great discounts on TV advertising with LatestTV.







Click here to see the latest deals and offers for Brilliant Brighton members >>