#AskAHairdresser….for free at Simon Webster Hair!

Simon Webster Hair are offering:

This month Simon Webster Hair launched #AskAHairdresser across their social media platforms. Using the hashtag, you can ping them any hair-related question and they’ll get back to you with tips, tricks and expert advice to solve all your hair woes and worries. All you have to do is tag the salon handle, for instance @simonwebsterhair if you’re on Instagram, add the #AskAHairdresser hashtag and ask your question. It’s a simple, ingenious idea and completely free so naturally WE LOVE IT!

This home-grown Brighton gem was awarded UK Ultimate Salon last year and SWH is now a brand famous for their team’s forward-thinking ethos and creative work. With this new initiative they’re hoping to share their expertise beyond their clients in-salon and share their love of all things hair. So if you’ve got a question, send it on over to SWH Team and they’ll be happy to help…

Address: 16 Gardner Street
Website: https://www.simonwebsterhair.com
Phone: 01273605577
Opening Times: Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm. Fri & Sat 10am-6pm

Valid until: 01/01/2019