Cadence Exhibition at Kellie Miller Arts

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The next and final exhibition for Kellie Miller Arts in 2018 is entitled Cadence, a musical term which denotes a rhythmic or harmonic pattern, especially patterns in which something is experienced.

There are many connections and analogies to be made between music and the visual arts.

“With this exhibition, I use this term to express change, possibly a change in direction, subject matter or chemical changes in materials,” curator and owner of the gallery, Kellie Miller explains. “In the matter of changing subject, it is all-possible when an artist has honed their craft by employing this skill to their interest. Whatever the changes, the desired effect is to provoking a response from the viewer, while still recognising the hand of the creator.”

“I have frequently changed direction and subject matter within my own works and I want to encourage my artists to challenge their practice and produce works from the heart. By following an artist through their journey, watching them develop their subject, choosing a style and exploring the territory and then moving on, I believe change is critical to the success of an artist’s work.

“Change is inevitable and it gives me great delight to see my artists never standing still.”

This exhibition showcases the work of Jonathan Smith (for this collection Jonathan will be revealing his cityscape pieces), ceramist Paul Wearing and photorealist painter Trevor Scobie.

Cadence runs from Saturday 17th November – Monday 3rd December at Kellie Miller Arts.

Address: 20 Market Street
Phone: 01273 329384

Valid until: 3/12/2018