Personal Shopper

If you want help shopping in the exclusive Brilliant Brighton area with updating your wardrobe for leisure or businesswear by adding the seasons colours and trends, or need help finding a special occasion outfit – look no further.

I have been working with Brilliant Brighton for several years as a Personal Shopper and also staging and styling Fashion Shows and Flash Mob shows for the local shops.

Whatever your age, lifestyle, body issues, time limitations or shopping phobia, I can help and we can have fun as I show you outfits to suit you which will boost your confidence and self esteem.

After a short get together, I will put a selection of clothes aside in the shops taking into account your lifestyle and budget. On the day at the shops you will be trying on new shapes, colours and styles. I can show you how to put a
capsule wardrobe together to give you the most number of outfits for your budget.

So if you and/or a friend want to enjoy a personal shopping experience please contact me on 07860 136455, email or visit my website

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